His Words Have Power

Have you ever had words penetrate deep into your soul? Have you ever had words cause you to take a hard look at your life and where you are headed? Have you ever had words speak life and hope into your situation? Do you believe words have that power?

I can tell you from personal experience, words do have that power. It was Jesus’ words in the New Testament that caused me to reflect on who I was and where my life was headed. His words literally changed my life.

His words have the power to change your life if you let them penetrate your heart and mind. When you do it will reflect things inside that you didn’t know were there. Sometimes what’s reflected may scare you, but that’s okay. This true reflection of yourself is what you need to see so change can take place. This change allows you to become who you are called to be.

Take some time today to read Jesus’ words and let them touch your soul. Let them change your heart so the love, grace and compassion He shows is reflected in you.

Truth In Love! Evolution of Self! ~ Chuck

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