I am SO EXCITED, SO PROUD, and SO VERY THANKFUL FOR YOU! You have already been doing this and hearing that you are using this gift to reach more is amazing! You have helped me tremendously and continue to do so. I only hope that others will reach out to you and are blessed to share the benefits of the gifts that have been given to you. Your wisdom, your advice, your words, and really exactly what you’re saying… your ability to connect and coach, to me personally has been one of the greatest gifts, at a time when I needed it the most. I cannot thank you enough and I do try to explain to others the importance of self care. Something I myself left as last on the list for too long. So to those of you who see this… Care enough about yourself to invest in a better future, get the perspective needed to soar higher than you knew possible. Thank you Chuck! Forever grateful.

Kathy Downey, Business Owner, Charleston SC

I highly recommend Chuck Mack if you’re looking for someone to help you maximize your personal and professional successes in life!
I’ve known Chuck for about 7 years. I first met him my senior year of college when he joined the Cadre for my Air Force ROTC detachment. He quickly became a Cadet favorite with his positive attitude, friendly personality, and genuine interest in helping those around him succeed. How could you not feel happy and motivated around a guy who has a big smile on his face 24 hrs. a day?!
“Mack” quickly became someone who I could go to for advice, whether it was academic, career, or personal. Just like many of you, I’ve been through some ups and downs. During my last year of ROTC, I went through what felt like setback after setback in what was to be my dream Air Force career. It was very tough on me, but Chuck helped me keep my focus. He even went out of his way to help get my first assignment changed, which is not an easy task to do. I’m convinced that without his help, I would not have had the opportunities I did both in the Military and now as a Civilian. One door may have closed, but I could not be happier with the one that opened because of his help and guidance. I still talk to him on a regular basis and consider him to be a close friend and mentor.
Chuck has the experience, personality, and abilities to help you make the changes necessary for you to live a more fulfilling life! Seek out his Life Coach service and you won’t be disappointed!

Will Seggel, Pilot, Boston, MA

I met Charles Mack when we were both working at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for the Air Force ROTC program. Throughout my time at the university, Charles helped get me through some very difficult times to include a divorce. At the time, I didn’t feel like I had many options but with his guidance, mentoring, and prayer, I was able to gain the mental strength to get through that difficult time and actually salvage some kind of positive relationship with my ex-wife. Charles also played a major part in guiding me with my military career. He was and still is always there to provide me with advice that has helped me prepare for and get a position working for the USAFE 4-star General. My family and I are grateful to have met Charles and his wonderful family. He has become family to us and we love him dearly!

Donald Riley, Active Duty USAF, Germany


Chuck has truly been anointed by God for this task. He seeks the Lord’s direction for his words and directives. Chuck found me from my Facebook photos, and and knew that God had charged him with walking beside me to coach and encourage me to be strong and trust that I have been given a beautiful gift, and to share it with the world. He tries to know his client’s true hearts; their fears; their strengths; their talents and, where they are in their relationship with God. I have enjoyed working with Chuck to break through the obstacles and fears that have held me from truly experiencing the life that God has planned for me. He is a true blessing!

Valerie Fitts, Business Owner, Charleston SC
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