The Way Out

Think back on all the difficulties you’ve faced in your life. During these troubling times, do you remember always having a way out? Do you remember there being a decision point where you had the opportunity to choose a different path but you ignored it?

I know in my life I’ve had many of those opportunities. The opportunity to move away from the trouble but instead I charged headfirst into it. This always caused me discomfort and pain but even then there would come another decision point where I could choose a different path. When I finally chose that different path I removed myself from that trouble. I was able to endure.

We all go through these times in our lives, times where we have the choice to move away from the trouble or head right into it. As this verse says, God will show us a way out so we can endure. But once He shows us the way, it’s our free choice to follow it or keep on our current troubled path.

If you are currently in the midst of temptation and struggle know that God has already provided you a way out. Open your eyes to see the different path He has for you, open your heart to accepting that path, and take action to follow that path.

Truth In Love! Evolution Of Self! ~ Chuck

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